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Case Study

Air Stratification in Dairy Manufacturing & Storage

Central Pennsylvania

6x Air Pear 45-P4

Moooving Air in the Dairy Industry

An industry leading yogurt, cheese, and dairy company needed to repurpose an area of their manufacturing facility into a tempering space for 55 gallon drums of ingredient. Since the ingredient solidifies at or below about 80 °F, they were trying to maintain a consistent temperature at 110 °F.

Since this area was not designed for this process from a mechanical or insulation standpoint, this retrofit was proving difficult. The Engineering Project Manager reached out to Airius for assistance. We recommended 6 Airius Air Pear units to be added to the room and evenly spaced to balance temperatures throughout.

After installation, the Engineering P.M. told us, “We have only performed general observations and measurements across the room with great satisfaction. The temperature variance between the floor and 16’ elevation is between 1-2 °F in this 22’ high room. We are pulling return air from near the floor.”

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