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Case Study

Van Engelen Inc.

Bantam, CT

11x Air Pear Model 45, 5x Air Pear Model 25


Airius destratification fans are helping to keep warehouse temperature and humidity steady for a Connecticut-based distributor of Dutch lower bulbs.

As the busy lower bulb shipping season was underway in summer and fall, officials at Van Engelen Inc. said their installation of Airius fans was doing a “spectacular” job of moving air from their warehouse ceiling and keeping air circulating around pallet racks full of millions of lower bulbs.

“We closely monitor temperature and humidity as this is crucial for our inventory in climate-controlled containers,” said Alexander Vandenberg. “The fans help tremendously, keeping both at close to ideal levels.” The company installed 11 Airius Model 45 fans in their warehouse, which has a 22.5 t. ceiling.

The bulb distributor also installed 5 Model 25 fans in an area with a lower ceiling. The air circulation, Vandenberg said, is also keeping warehouse staff comfortable as they prepare shipments.

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