Indoor Ceiling Pool Fans For Natatorium Enclosures

Pools are notoriously difficult when it comes to comfort and air quality. A unique benefit to using an Airius fan system is the ability to mix high levels of chloramine often found at pool surfaces into the air where the air handling system can then exhaust the noxious compound.

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Recognizing the importance of pool fans helping move air into, out of and around indoor swimming facilities, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) published a comprehensive article on the subject in July of 2017. Article authors Gary Lochner and Lynne Wasner say that “Healthy and durable indoor pool environments require a well-designed ventilation system with effective air distribution and sufficient outdoor and exhaust air to remove toxic and corrosive chloramines from the space.”

They know that natatoria present especially difficult environments for air movement due to the high ceilings and numerous areas where air can become trapped.

Chloramines are commonly heavier than air and rest near a pool’s surface. Airius pool fans provide targeted airflow across the surface to mix chloramines where they can be filtered or exhausted by the HVAC system. Airius systems can be mounted wherever they are needed, can be controlled remotely at variable speeds, and are easily incorporated into Building Management Systems.

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