For Offices

Comfortable employees are happy employees. With the addition of an Airius fan system, you will experience balanced air temperatures from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. Our fans continuously work alongside your HVAC system to provide increased comfort for employees and lower HVAC energy costs.

Working hard.

For architecturally sensitive spaces, check out our Designer Series fans that can be color matched to your choosing. For dropped ceiling lobbies check out our Air Pear Suspended Ceiling fans. Worried about odors, viruses, bacteria or VOCs? Then check out the factory installed PHI cell for your fan system.

Because each facility is unique, please contact Airius or your local representative to specify your system. Various applications require different models based on considerations other than maximum throw. Air Speed, activity level, objects, noise, and other factors may affect model selection and placement.

Similar applications:

  • Air & Space Museums
  • General Aviation Hangars
  • Military Hangars
  • Aircraft Terminals
  • Heliport Support Facilities
  • Aircraft Maintenance Sheds
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Facilities

Which fan and how many?