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Case Study

Milan Lumber Co.

Berlin, NH

36X Onyx Series Fans

Milan Lumber is a US based, family owned and operated wood mill, with an impressive annual production of 70 million board feet. Steve Halle, Operations Manager, reached out to Airius for help in reducing his HVAC cycling and improvement in thermal comfort for staff in his Planer Sorter Building. The space, with 36’ ceilings, and roughly 56,000ft², was expensive to keep warm in the New Hampshire winters. Airius provided a system design with several Onyx Fans to keep the space balanced. Tentative about the product, Steve moved forward with a partial installation of half the recommended equipment. Post install he was impressed with the performance and quickly ordered the remaining units. After a few weeks he reached back out with some feedback, “the fans are awesome, I’m impressed and love them, I don’t know why anyone would buy a ceiling fan when this is available”. He mentioned that prior to our involvement with the project an engineer recommended 1.5 million BTUs of heating equipment to keep the space warm enough. He was concerned since the existing 930,000 BTU furnaces, without any ductwork, was not meeting his needs. He purchased additional furnaces to assist in heating his building. Now, after the fans have made the space comfortable and efficient without additional heat, he’s going to sell them. Steve reported that recently the temperature dropped to -28° outside
and, with the Airius Fans installed, the temperature at the floor never dropped below the setpoint of 60°. He’s already planning on rolling out Airius into the corporate office and sawmill.

“The fans are awesome, I’m impressed and love them, I don’t know why anyone would buy a ceiling fan when this is available”. 

– Steve Halle, Operations Manager, Milan Lumber

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The Airius Onyx fans provide industry leading performance incorporating new side intake bypass technology. A great option for destratification or cooling applications.

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