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Our most popular destratification fans are designed for exceptional value and installed as a distributed network to continuously mix air in spaces that suffer from stratification

Comfort goes up


Energy cost goes down


Quick and easy installation in new construction or retrofits


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The Air Pear Destratification Fan Can Help To:

Balance Temperatures

Gentle air mixing for temperature control.

Reduce Ductwork

In certain cases, ductwork can be eliminated.

Spot Cool

Targeted air movement can make you feel cool.


Air stratification, also called thermal stratification, is a vertical air temperature gradient inside a building. Warm air sits at the ceiling and cooler air at the floor due to the difference in density. Air stratification can cause high energy bills, occupant discomfort, and overdrive your existing HVAC system. That’s why a stratification fan is a great investment for the long-term of the facility.


Destratification fans mix stratified air in the room to balance overall temperatures. By doing this, you do not have to overwork your HVAC equipment to heat and cool because destratification fans provide in-room mixing, allowing for reduced energy usage and increased comfort.


Destratification fans work by continuously circulating a column of air from the ceiling to floor, mixing the stratified air to create a comfortable environment for your business. These fans help to balance the temperature of the air so you don’t have to overheat or over cool to maintain comfort.


Destratification fans are ceiling-mounted fans used to reduce air temperature gradients commonly found in tall indoor spaces. Typically, multiple destratification fans work together to generate airflow from the ceiling to floor to provide full room air mixing in larger spaces. Consider a stratification fan to solve all of your issues.


Destratification Fans costs can vary from far and wide depending on the projects we’re working on.  Every system we install is unique to the clients we work with. We only install destratification fans that we know will surely optimize the cost and efficiency of your air.
Increase comfort in

…and save on HVAC energy costs with a destratification fan system from Airius.

Features & Options

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4 Sizes

Air Pear fans are available in 4 different housing sizes to accommodate throw distances for ceilings up to 100 feet tall. By offering several sizes with various motor and control options, we have a fan system to suit the needs of any building. AC motors, EC motors, wired controls, wireless controls, BACnet MS/TP integration, or chemical resistant housing options all allow us to tailor a fan system to your needs. Give us a call today to connect with an Airius design specialist to assist with your project.
airius fans quick service installation

Quick and easy installation

Complete with a 6-foot cord and plug for 120V fans, installing an Air Pear fan is quick and easy. Mount an electrical j-box/receptacle near the intended fan location and use one of the recommended mounting methods to hang the fan from the supplied eyebolt. Additional low voltage wiring may need to be installed for control of an EC motor or eliminated with a wireless control option.
airius fans air pear patented multi vane stator and nozzle

Patented multi-vane stator and Venturi nozzle

Old style ceiling fans or a simple tube design generally will not offer adequate throw for destratification. Airius Air Pear Fans feature a unique nozzle design and patented stator system to ensure that a column of air is delivered from ceiling to floor — where we live and work. With any axial fan, there exists a radial component to the air flow causing it to spread laterally and lose velocity when leaving the nozzle. Airius’ patented fixed blade stator sits below the fan to transfer this rotational energy into linear motion exiting the nozzle. Having the airflow energy in line with the fan axis promotes a tight air column and maximizes the throw. In addition to the stator, the slightly tapered nozzle increases the exit speed and allows for the air throw to be maximized even further. If you are looking for Thermal destratification, Airius is the name.
airius fans air pear basic motors

Standard AC motors and controls

Our standard AC motors are a great option to keep things simple. Controls for these types of motors are installed in-line with the power circuit feeding the fans. Several control types are available, from simple wall mounted controls to our Smart TRIAC that can adjust speed using: dip switches for fixed speed, 2-20mA current, 0-10VDC, or high and low temperature sensors that adjust fan speed based on the temperature difference. Please see the following information sheets for specific details.
airius fans air pear premium motors and controls

Premium EC motors and controls

Our premium EC motors, made by ebm-papst®, are a great option for maximum efficiency and controllability. EC fans maintain higher efficiency across the entire speed range when compared to traditional AC motors. EC fans can be controlled through a direct 0-10VDC wired connection, using our Pearlink Wi-Fi based app, using our Delta-T controller, or integrated into an existing automation system over BACnet MS/TP.
airius fans air pear safety cable

6 ft. steel leash and anchor point for safety

Every Air Pear fan is supplied with a steel safety leash pre-installed. The safety leash acts as an additional restraint in the case of catastrophic failure of the main attachment point. Airius is the only small destratification fan manufacturer with this safety feature.
airius fans air pear installation of grille

Intake Grille

All fans using the 45 sized housing and larger come standard with an intake grille. For smaller models, the intake grille is optional. We recommend the grille option for fans that are mounted within reach of an occupant. If mounted out of reach, we suggest leaving the intake open to maximize airflow and to keep the noise level low. Specific fan model submittals will show the guard as an option if available.


Air Pear fans are available in three standard colors: Off white (Cool gray 2C), gray (gray 432C) or black. Custom colors will be considered for large bulk purchases. Contact Airius for further details. If you need small quantities of fans with custom colors, look at our Designer Series fans.
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Chemical Resistant Housing

Machine shops, natatoriums, and other facilities with harsh environments are recommended to use the chemical resistant housing upgrade. If you have a question or concern about chemicals or the environment for your Airius fan installation, please give us a call.
airius fans standard air pear series

Standard and Short nozzles

Designers often find themselves balancing many constraints when designing a project. For projects with tight physical constraints we offer a short nozzle option. The compact size of the short nozzle allows the fans to be tucked into many areas that a traditional fan would simply not work.

Technical Documents


Full warranty details can be found under the technical downloads section.

3 Year Warranty

All Parts and Components

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Refurbishment Program

Motor Replacement program after warranty ends.

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