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10X Air Pear Series Fans

In the winter months and rainy weather, our mechanics found themselves working on cars but standing on wet floors, which presented a hazard for them. I started researching different ways to overcome this problem as the configuration of our shop only left 3 ft of space between vehicles. I reached out to Airius who manufactures a destratification fan that blows air straight down. It’s ideal for our operation as the warm air would be directed in between the cars which would help the floors dry much faster. This would help our mechanics operate more seamlessly and we would therefore service more cars a day. The results: a substantial increase in our employees’ productivity and in our cash flow. The return on our investment paid back the installation just a few years. They referred us to their Quebec Distributor, G. Mitchell & Co ltd in Montreal, a well-established 76-year-old company who were able to set us up with Airius fans that were simple to install and extremely inexpensive to run.

It’s now been 5 years since this change was made and the savings are still coming our way. Our employees work in a much more comfortable and safer environment because of that, and as General Manager, I couldn’t be happier.  We generate savings all year round, but especially during the winter as the Airius system enables us to minimize the amount of time spent heating the shop. In the spring, summer and fall months, their constant circulation helps keep our employees comfortable all year round. We were so happy with the Airius heaters we just installed in our new showroom extension.

– Guillaume Girard, Directeur général

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The Airius Air Pear fans provide industry leading performance and value. A great option for destratification or cooling applications.

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