Onyx Series

The Airius Onyx fans provide industry leading performance incorporating the new side intake bypass technology. A great option for destratification or cooling applications. 

Increase comfort

Reduce energy cost

Easy installation
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Increase Comfort

Gentle Air Mixing for Destratification


Mitigate stratification to save on energy costs.


Fan density can be increased for occupant cooling.

Increase comfort in

Extend the life of your HVAC equipment, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Features & Options

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Quick and easy installation

Complete with a 6-foot cord and plug for 120V fans, installing an Onyx fan is quick and easy. Mount an electrical j-box/receptacle near the intended fan location and use one of the recommended mounting methods to hang the fan from the supplied eyebolts. Additional low voltage wiring may need to be installed for control of an EC motor or eliminated with a wireless control option.
Side Intake Bypass Airius

Side intake bypass technology

The side intake bypass allows additional air to be entrained for increased performance. Airius is the only destratification fan company featuring this technology.
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Standard AC motors and controls

Our AC motors are a great option to keep things simple. Controls for these types of motors are installed in-line with the power circuit feeding the fans. Several control types are available, from simple wall mounted controls to our Smart TRIAC that can adjust speed using: dip switches for fixed speed, 2-20mA current, 0-10VDC, or high and low temperature sensors that adjust fan speed based on the temperature difference. Please see the following information sheets for specific details.
airius fans air pear premium motors and controls

Premium EC motors and controls

Our premium EC motors, made by ebm-papst®, are a great option for maximum efficiency and controllability. EC fans maintain higher efficiency across the entire speed range when compared to traditional AC motors. Controllability of EC fans can be through a direct 0-10VDC wired connection, using our Pearlink Wi-Fi based app, or integrated into an existing automation system over BACnet/IP.


Onyx Series fans are available in two standard colors: Off white (Cool gray 2C) or black. Custom colors will be considered for large bulk purchases. Contact Airius for further details. If you need small quantities of fans with custom colors, look at our Designer Series fans.

Technical Documents

Standard AC Motors

Premium EC Motors

Installation & Warranty

Onyx IOM & Warranty


Full warranty details can be found under the technical downloads section.

3 Year Warranty

All Parts and Components

Money-Back Guarantee

Up to 90 Days

Refurbishment Program

Motor Replacement program after warranty ends.

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