Energy Savings

What are the running costs?

This depends on the model selected. Contact Sales at 888-AIR-PEAR (888-247-7327) and we’ll calculate your annual running costs.

When do the savings start?

The temperature in your building will be equalized within 48 hours or less following installation. As a result of the equalized temperature you will be able to reduce the setting on your thermostat, thereby reducing your costs immediately.

I use air conditioning. Can the Air Pear still help reduce my energy costs?

Yes, by using the fans to mitigate stagnation and provide an evaporative cooling effect, customers have reported raising their thermostat setpoint during the summer to reduce air conditioning costs.

What makes Airius fans so effective at destratification?

After years of R&D, Airius has found several key factors in delivering air over long distances. Our patented technology removes the rotational component from the air that is induced by the axial fan. This “untwisting” of the air mitigates dispersal as the organized column reaches floor level. The column then entrains a portion of the surrounding dead pool of air and sets in motion a torus shaped circulation pattern. The HVAC system will cycle less frequently, with less intensity and leads to an energy saving up to 35% over both summer and winter operation.

Will the fans contribute to a LEED rating for my building

Energy and Atmosphere

Prerequisite 2 – Minimum Energy Performance (Required) and
Credit 1 – Optimize Energy Performance (1-19 points)

The Air Pear provides a cooling effect, through increased air speed, that allows thermostat setpoints to be raised in air conditioned spaces. The thermostat setpoint can be raised by approximately 5-7˚F without sacrificing occupant comfort. The increased setpoint can result in a 10-20% reduction in AC equipment energy consumption.

For buildings with higher floor-to-ceiling heights (10+ ft), The Air Pear can be used to destratify the heat trapped at the ceiling, resulting in significant heating energy savings.

Credit 4 – Enhanced Refrigerant Management (2 points)

The Air Pear provides a cooling effect, through increased air speed, without using any refrigerants. For less severe climates, this cooling effect can minimize or even eliminate the use of refrigerant based thermal systems.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Prerequisite 1 – Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance (Required) and
Credit 2 – Increased Ventilation (1 point)

The Air Pear can be used to increase the effectiveness of the air distribution system, which can reduce the amount of outdoor air required for the building.

Credit 7.1 – Thermal Comfort—Design (1 point)

The Air Pear can be used to increase occupant comfort by providing a cooling effect through increased air speed, destratifying the space, minimizing cold and hot spots, and providing an additional means of occupant control.

Innovation in Design

Credit 1 – Innovation in Design (1-5 points)

The Air Pear can be used as a part of a materials minimization strategy that reduces ductwork, installed air conditioning capacity, and overall material usage in the building.

It is important to note that Air Pear Fans can be utilized to assist projects with meeting the requirements of the prerequisites and earning points in the credits listed above. As a general rule, no single product can earn a point or meet the requirements of a prerequisite; the product is generally part of a system or overall strategy that earns the points or meets the requirements of the prerequisite.

Fan Selection

Which model(s) do I need?

As a general rule of thumb, Airius model numbers are somewhat indicative of mounting height. A Model 25 is designed to be mounted at 25 feet while a Model 60 is mounted at 60 feet. If using the system in an unconditioned environment or for cooling purposes you may require a larger model. Airius provides free consultation on model selection and layout, so give us a call today!

Can I use Airius fans to eliminate duct work?

Customers have eliminated branch duct work and utilized an Airius fan system for air distribution. This material reduction strategy can reduce costs and potentially air handler sizes. Less duct work = less static pressure. Contact us today!


Are the fans and components tested and certified?

All Airius components and assembly as a whole are tested and approved for the US and Canada by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (ETL, UL, etc…). Airius fans conform to UL 507 for Safety Electric Fans, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 1113, 5VA flame resistance rating, RoHS compliant and carry the CE mark for European compliance.

Where is the Air Pear manufactured?

All molding and assembly productions are located right here in the USA! More specifically, in our 165,000 ft² of facilities located in Longmont, Colorado. The parent company, Avedon Engineering, has over 50 years of experience in custom manufacturing and is fully capable of in-house design, tooling and production. This guarantees a well designed, high quality, functional product for a reasonable price.


Can you mount Air Pears inside a suspended ceiling?

The Suspended Ceiling series is designed to be mounted inside a 2×2 acoustic tile ceiling. If you already have an Air Pear unit, we offer a conversion kit to adapt free hanging fans into acoustic ceiling tiles.

Can I use the fans horizontally?

All Air Pear fans can be installed horizontally, as can any model that features a ratcheted bail. Consider properly supporting the weight of the unit when installing horizontally, as the bail can create a weighted lever. Contact the factory for larger units (models 45 or larger) or non-Air Pear models, before mounting horizontally.


Can Airius units be installed in homes/apartments?

Even though Airius specializes in destratification fans for commercial and industrial use, we are happy to help you select a destratification technology for residential use.

For Garage/Workshop Use: The Air Pear Models 10 and 15 are suitable for buildings with ceilings between 8 and 15 ft.

For Indoor Living Area Use: While Airius fans are often used in sound-sensitive environments, it is important to understand that traditional destratification technologies like paddle style ceiling fans are quieter alternatives to axial turbine fans.

While the Airius Model 10 motor is silent (24 dB, quiet enough to clearly hear a whisper over), the air movement from the nozzle is audible, though much quieter than any desk or box fan.

Where can I purchase this fan in countries other than the U.S/Canada?

Sales in Europe, Middle East and India are handled by our United Kingdom partners. Sales into Oceania are handled by our Australia partners. For all other parts of the world, contact our main office in Colorado. UK and AU websites links can be found in the footer of this page.


What is the Warranty?

There is a full 3 year replacement Warranty for fan products and 1 year warranty for controls. Airius also offers an ongoing refurbishment program outside of the warranty period. For more details, review the Full Warranty Policy found in the installation, operation and maintenance manuals.

What happens if an Airius unit fails?

It’s inevitable – machines with moving parts will eventually fail. Airius offers a full warranty for three full years from date of shipment on parts and workmanship. If a unit fails for any reason while under this three year period, you are asked to return the unit which will be replaced with a new unit at no charge, freight prepaid.

If you have a failure beyond the Warranty period, Airius offers a refurbishment program to keep users up and running after our warranty expires. If you have a failure, give us a call to discuss options such as motor replacement or a discount on a new system.

Which fan and how many?