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Case Study

Indoor Practice Facility Air Destratification

University of Colorado Boulder

24x Airius Designer Model 125


The CU Boulder indoor practice facility opened in 2016 with 108,000 sq. ft. of equipment, including a full football field and six-lane track.

Used every morning of the of-season by the Colorado football team, the Buffs, and throughout the year by distance runners, sprinters, and athletes from other sports, the building is a state-of-the-art facility that refuses to settle for less than top performance.

 Due to the location of the supply diffusers located halfway up the sidewalls, the facility needed a means of mixing the ceiling air with space below. They required a fan system that would provide full coverage while operating quietly for the athletes’ comfort.

Airius was able to offer a full destratification system to meet these needs with the Designer Series 125 fans at the peak of the 90 t. tall building. Controlled wirelessly by the building’s automation system, the temperature varies by no more than 3 °F from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. The color and quiet operation make the Model 125 fans imperceptible to athletes below

The next season, the No. 17 ranked Buffs went 8-1 in their conference.

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