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Case Study

Pharmaceutical Temperature Control

Louisville, KY

50x Air Pear Model 25


A major pharmaceutical company built a new 49,200 sq. ft. warehouse in Louisville, KY, but its HVAC installers failed to take into account the full effects of stratification on pallet storage.

When the Food and Drug Administration’s temperature validation tests deemed their new HVAC system to be ineffective, exposing the top levels of racking to 73 °F air, the company faced serious logistic issues as the facility was due to open and the space was badly needed.

A senior facility engineer reached out to Airius and the leading independent CFD software company, which was responsible for the images displayed on this page, for analysis. They found the addition of Airius fans would bring the racking temperature within safe bounds.

The facility quickly agreed and the installation was a success. Michael Simpson, Mechanical Engineer for Eichleay Engineers, told Airius, “The new HVAC system has been up and running for about 18 months and since then, the temperature alarms have not shown any excursions.”

The facility, upper rack levels no longer in jeopardy, opened on schedule. Airius equipment is capable of destratification as well as equalizing a room to within FDA specifications.

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